About Us

Century Extrusions Limited (established in 1988) is promoted by Late Shri M. P. Jhunjhunwala, a first generation entrepreneur.  The Company is one of India’s large pure play aluminium extrusion manufacturer.  CEL’s production facility is located at Kharagpur (West Bengal) in eastern part of India, close to leading primary aluminium manufacturers in India.

  •  Legacy:

With an experience spanning a rich 35 years, CEL enjoys a number of first mover advantages comprising a comprehensive understanding of the aluminum and aluminum extrusions market, reputed brand, low historical asset cost and a strong customer base, among others.

  • Integration:

CEL possesses in-house facilities for die manufacturing, melting and casting of billets and the extrusions manufacturing facility with three press lines.

  •  Asset quality:

CEL’s extrusion presses have been manufactured by renowned equipment manufacturers UBE Industries (Japan) and Siddharth Industries (India).  The Company’s new 2700 MT press line was commissioned in August, 2009 with extrusion press by UBE Industries (Japan) and the extrusion handling system by Granco Clarke (USA), representing most advanced technologies in the world.

Production Scale : CEL possesses three extrusion presses :
1 1250 MT (installed extrusion manufacturing capacity of 3000 MT)
2 1620 MT (installed extrusion manufacturing capacity of 4500 MT)
3 2700 MT (installed extrusion manufacturing capacity of 7500 MT)
  Resulting in an aggregate annual capacity of 15000 MT.
  •  Die Library:

CEL possesses an inventory of more than 4500 dies to manufacture over 3000 profiles.

  • Product Application:

CEL manufacturers extrusions for varied applications (architectural, hardware, road transport - vehicles, railways, electrical and electronic applications, engineering applications, automotive sector, consumer durables, Defence applications and irrigation, among others).  The power sector accounts for the largest revenue proportion. 

  •  Wide Presence:

CEL enjoys an established national presence with regional marketing offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Kolkata & Mumbai.  CEL markets its products under the Century Brand.

  •  Prominent customers:

CEL possesses a portfolio of over 500 reputed customers.  The company has retained most customers over 20 years.  Nearly 85% of revenues in 2010-11 were derived out of sales to long-standing customers.

  •  Superior product range and depth:

CEL manufactures and supplies extrusions for various applications, such as architecture, general engineering, Defence, Railways, Road transport vehicles, etc.  The Company manufactures extrusions in alloys ranging from 1xxx to 7xxx series The company also has necessary set up to supply extruded / extruded and cold drawn round bars and hexagonal bars in straight lengths for various engineering applications.  It also has a set up to supply extruded / extruded and cold drawn rods / wires in coil form to be used as armour rods, detonator shell stock, lamp pin stock, metallizing wire, rivet stock, welding filler wire, etc.

  •  Hardware for Power Transmission & Distribution:

CEL, now with robust credibility, has expanded its business verticals by embarking into the business of manufacturing Hardware for Power Transmission & Distribution lines.