Power T & D Hardware Products

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A.  Complete Suspension & Tension String Hardware

a)   Steel Forgings duly hot dip galvanized.
b)   Steel fabricated components duly hot dip galvanized.
c)   Steel Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Cotter Pins duly hot dip galvanized.
d)   Spring Steel Washers duly galvanised.
e)   Security Clips and Split Pins made of Stainless Steel.
f)   Aluminium Alloy Castings like Suspension Clamps/Bolted Type Tension Clamp/Snail Clamp, Etc.
g)   Aluminium Alloy Forgings.
h)   Aluminium / Aluminium Alloy extruded components like Dead End/Tension Clamp.


For minimizing Corona and RIV (Radio Interference Voltage) losses, necessary devices e.g. Corona Control Rings/ Grading Ringsare also provided on EHV (Extra High Voltage) Transmission Lines.


B.  Vibration Dampers

These control the Aeoline vibrations of the overhead conductors. These are manufactured using the following components as per IS: 9708:

a)   CI Damper masses duly machined and hot dip galvanized.
b)   High Tension Stranded Steel Wires duly hot dip galvanized.
c)   Steel Bolts, Nuts, Washers Cotter Pins duly hot dip galvanizing.
d)   Spring Steel Washers duly electro-plated.
e)   Aluminium Alloy Clamps, Sleeves and Plugs.
C.  Spacers/ Spacer Dampers
Spacers are members used for maintaining the required distance between bundled conductors.Spacers are manufactured from Aluminium Alloy Forgings/Aluminium Alloy Castings (duly neoprene-cushioned)/Aluminium Alloy Extruded components, bolts, nuts and washers duly hot dip galvanized and helical components. The test specification is followed as per IS: 10162. Spacers are of various types such as Line Spacers, Jumpers Spacers & Spacer Dampers.
D.  Conductor Midspan Joints & Repair Sleeves
Conductor Accessories are used for joining or connecting two conductors. They are also used for repairing damaged conductor
Conductor Accessories are manufactured using the following:
a) Tubes in Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys, Aluminium Extruded Profiles, Aluminium Flat Bars, etc for AAC, AAAC & ACSR Conductor.
b) Steel Sleeves manufactured from Mild Steel Rods for Mid Span Compression Joints are used for ACSR Conductors in addition to (as above) the sleeves are machined and hot dip galvanized.
The necessary quality plan is followed as per the requirements of IS: 2121 (Part II) and customers’ technical specifications.
E.  Pre-formed / helical products
These products are manufactured from formed rods, which provide uniform pressure on the conductors and there by ensuring ‘no-local’ load concentration further no tools are required for clamping of the conductors.
F. Busbar & Sub-Station clamps and connectors
Busbar Clamps and Connectors are manufactured from (a) Aluminium Alloy Casting (b) Aluminium Alloy Forgings (c) Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy Extruded Tubes, Flat Bars, Profiles, (d) Bolts, Nuts and Washers duly hot dip galvanized.
G. Hardware & Accessories for Special Conductors
Recently, T&D division of Century Extrusions Ltd. has taken up design, testing & supply of hardware & accessories for special conductors (various types of HTLS- High Temperature Low Sag conductors) and also accessories for optical ground wire (OPGW)
Manufacturing facilities available
Casting of Aluminium Alloys Electric Arc Welding
Extruded products in Aluminium & its Alloys Machining
Wire Drawing Bundle spacer Assembly
Helical Products Vibration Damper Assembly
Fabrication of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Components Conductor Accessories, Clamp-Connectors for Hardware Assembly.
Argon Welding (TIG Process) Tools, Dies & Moulds